Obsessed With Having to Have Perfect Hair

I'm obsessed with my hair and I hate it. I used to have the longest and nicest hair and now after I got a perm and dyed it too much I feel like I'm losing all of it and everyday I worry about it! I know it will grow back, but it just feels so thin and now I cut it all off into a modern bob style. A lot of people compliment it, but deep down I hate it everyday and wish I had that long flowing hair that men adore once again. I've tried extensions and everything, but I just get down about it everyday. Anyone else have this problem?...
LadyToken LadyToken
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 28, 2007

my hair used to be long and wonderful as well... its slightly curly/wavy so i could just let it dry and it would look good, or i could blowdry it and itd look good, or i could curl it and itd look good... ok basically it was amazing...<br />
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but i highlighted it, spent a summer in way too much chlorine, straightened it too much... and then did the unthinkable and decided to cut it short. its awful, and its never been the same, even when i tried to grow it out. i don't know why!!! now i'm using some shampoo that's supposed to help it and make it healthy, but who knows, they probably just sold it to me to get my money...