i really hate my hair... its too thick, curly, and its frizzy. even if i straighten my hair and use straightening product it only stays straight for a half hr then u can see it start to poof and curl. even if i try to style it so it looks semi decent when its curly, it goes crazy within an hour or so.
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I know how you feel. I hate it when people with straight hair say "I wish I had curls or waves". Ugh, no you don't, you SERIOUSLY don't. They can make you feel so untidy and curly/wavy hair often takes longer to grow.

Try switching products! I find that my hair builds up a "tolerance" to whatever products I use for a while & they cease to be effective. Use a different brand for a while & see what happens.

i have those too lol.

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Getting a good hairstyle really helps a lot, long la<x>yers can work wonders.

I had layers put in and they flicked up at the ends. I hate hair that flicks up at the ends. I cannot use straighteners because even with anti heat spray they damage my hair so I have to sit with rollers in after blow drying it straight to stop the worst of the ends from flicking up like coat hooks.

my hair is shoulder length at the moment but i tried growing it to my waist and the curls were the exact same lol.

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Been down this road many times! How long is your hair? I find that mine goes through stages where it will start to curl, & then it will straighten out again as it grows more because of the weight of the hair.<br />
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Recently cut mine & am letting it grow back in, right now it is bobbed chin-length. It is very important to use a good leave-in conditioner, and to get any damaged hair/split ends cut off to help promote healthy looking & feeling hair.