My Hair...

It's a dark muddy brown of a curly, frizzy mess. That's all you really can say about my hair. It's really just my natural hair when I don't do anything to style it that I hate. See, I have the quote on quote stereotypical Jewish hair, which most girls' on this family are blessed with, we have quite the Jewish heritage though. It's a very dark brown, sometimes almost mistaken for black in the wrong lighting, kind of dark. My natural hair has these troublesome looking curls, and I'm not talking about those cute Shirley Temple ringlets kind of curls, but rather just a abundance of randomly placed, messy appearance sort of curls. It's also terribly frizzy. Tell you the truth, most people don't even know how curly my hair actually is, if I go out in public I always straighten my hair. I used to keep coloring my hair for it to be somewhat lighter, and more appealing color of brunette, like a honey brown. However, the up-keep of color never really works for me, and considering I hate roots, I've colored my hair back to it's former natural color, I feel dark hair 'washes' me out, but I prefer that than constantly going to get my hair done. Not to add, it's hard to deal with when in its all-natural look, I usually only can throw it up in a pony tail, even that is hard to accomplish considering how thick and unwieldy it is. My hair is just a mess.
Chasing4flowers Chasing4flowers
18-21, F
May 5, 2012