I Hate...

...that I hate myself so much. I wish I could just accept and love myself.
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3 Responses Apr 13, 2010

Can U imagine one person who stayed with you always ...no matter how hard the situation was...<br />
One who cried with you when u were on the beaten track?? One who was happy with your achievements and one who loves u even this very moment?? Its you. How come U hate such a lovely friend of yours?? (yourself). Even if u hate yourself, the "inner" you will always love you... No matter what... This is advice time....<br />
1. Start practicing basic Meditation.It helps in introspection<br />
2. Have internal conversations with yourself...often.<br />
3. Befriend me :)

beleive it or not there are other people who feel this way like me. I'm married and have 3 beautiful children I also suffer from depression and no one understands it but me. My husband speaks to me in a manner that makes me feel even worse and I don't know if he knows he's doing it. either way it hurts.find someone you know you can trust and will have no problem lending a ear it does help to remove yourself from the negative and focus on the positive.Also become a good listener you'll find that you are not as alone as you might think

I feel the same way sometimes, May I ask.........why do you hate yourself so much? Perhaps you could do something about whatever it is that makes you feel this way. Maybe we could be self-hate buddies & try & help each other. ;)