He Isn't The Man I Met

when we met he was kind considerate helpful funny interested in me and was good to my son who is now 10 he has turned into a complete pig lazy sod does nothing in the house but sit in his chair on his stupied games on his laptop he ****** me off he drives but comes home moaning its his own business i look after the office side he is so ungrateful we have little work and no money but have been offered a small contract over christmas whcih he will not do because he can't walk holding something with his stick - he is a bit disabled from a fall in his 20's he is now nearly 50 he is ******* me off sorry tells me or has just told me all i do is moan all day well f me i hold the house and home together i am having major surgery in two weeks what the hell will he be like then i am scared for my sons well being during this time i really do hate him and can honestly say i wish we hadn't met he is a pig he will tell his kids tonight when they come that i have been slagging them off to him he always does this when we have a word about stuff and he knows his oldest boy will take this to heart and then end up taking it out on me in a few days time i f ing give up i have no money and no where to go and not one friend to turn to
pissedoffjayne pissedoffjayne
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I'd push him out the door. If you are the one bringing in the money, then why is he still there?
Jenny & I have our spats, but we have always shared the work and money for the monthly bill paying.
Give him an option, straighten up or out you go!