My Mother And My Husband Are Driving Me Crazy, Have To Vent It Out!!

Have married for second time for 16 years. My hubby is very soft spoken, a gentleman, and the heart of the party as he's always saying jokes. Now he's 73 yrs old and suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and other illnesses. My mother has been living with us for the past 4 years since diagnosed with Alheizmer. Both of them have had cataract surgeries but none like to use eyeglasses, they don't like to bathe my husband goes the whole week w/o bathing and for my mom to be clean I must give her a bath myself when I arrive tired from work as she only washes her belly and legs. She wears diapers which to top it off, make the odor worst. Sometimes when I arrive home from the front door I can smell the dried urine coming from our bathroom which is caused  by either one of them. Sometimes is urine spilled on the floor, at other times is feces smeared over the toilet seat! As much as I love them, I feel that I need to depart myself from them. On the other hand I feel at most times guilty for being so crude/rude at them, I have aged in four years what I didn't in 15. Now is me who is depressed most of the time, don't like to take days off from work as I have to face my reality at home. Even though my mom has a mind disease, I think my hubby is just getting careless. What should I do?

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

you have my blessing i wear diapers and change my self. no one knows whats around the corner. my loving heart and blessing goes with you.