I Cant Stand This Mutherfucker

My husband is satan's seed. He is evil and sneaky. He is verbally, physically and emotionally abusive. I wish he would just drop dead. But then that would be too easy. I want him to suffer the way I have suffered in this  marriage for the past 5 years. Tonight he called me a dog, yep a ******* dog infront of my daughter. I have seen myself butchering him......I feel like I am going insane. I want to leave but I cant cause I have no family, no friends no where  to go. I feel stuck and am losing my feaking mind. When I dont act right he takes away my cell phone, my keys to the car to teach me  a lesson that I should always remember my place. If he died  right now I would laugh my *** off,
fedup247 fedup247
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

my husband also takes things away from me. the last thing he took was the computer and took it to his momma's. then he threatens me not to cancel our shared game account!!! haha, i changed all the emails and passwords and he couldn't play hahaha!<br />
like you, i am stuck trying to figure out the right path. <br />
maybe we both should just start cuttting our losses, and get the **** out.