He Makes Me Sick

I have been married to this person for six years  but we have lived together for 24 years we have known each other for 35 years we was best friends. Okay lets just get to it this man makes me sick and when i say sick i am not being dramatic i mean i look at him and feel physically sick. He lost his job 2 years ago okay the job lost thing is happening everywhere i know but 1 month before this my father passed away and did i really see the person i was living with i have one brother and my father was not rich but he was not hurting so everything was split in half. Now back to the subject since this happen okay the man has worked non stop for over 20 years so when this happened i wanted to travel some nothing big all road trips and we did it was great we had a blast. Now back to real life his unemployment has ran out and he will not look for work i am working we are not broke but he needs to work the thing is he says he is looking for a job and goes to his moms or sisters house. He lies to me about everything i know he is not messing around on me well not with a women anyway he eats all the time all the time it makes me sick. He is just stupid i can not have a conversation with him because he is just stupid i can not believe some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. There has been things that has happened in the past that is not pleasant and with him acting this way it all comes back to me all  the time. I just do not know  how to explain this part. 
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4 Responses Nov 10, 2010

He is not working and eating you of house home and happiness? He ia a lazy advantageous Leach.<br />
What are you thinking? Really.<br />
Go while the going is good.<br />

I feel for you and I thought I had it bad I know it's not so easy breaking away I know I would if my child was older and my disable good luck

im with mistakemaker ...just go

What is keeping you with this man? Why don't you leave? There is no reason why relationships have to last forever. You will survive without him and he will survive without you. Break free from this man and be happy.