Hate My Husband

My husband and I have been together 10 yrs and married for 4yrs.  I hate his guts!!!  He constantly reminds me how lucky I am to have him because other women would love to have him.  Other women would love to have a man who cleans up...Yeah right!!!  He washes the dishes 3-4 times a month, he does the laundry maybe once a month but never bothers to put anything away so we end up living out of laundry hampers.  he doesn't do floors (mind you we live in a 2300 square foot home with all hardwood and ceramic tile)--he claims he doesn't know what to use on the floor.  He never cooks even though he's off work from Monday morning till Friday afternoon.  I work 12 hr shifts  7am-7pm 3 times a week, so when I get home after picking up the kids from my moms house it is usually 8:30pm and theres nothing there for me to eat.  he'd rather go to to restaurant or starve,  than feed himself. He does give me pretty much complete control of the money,  but that means i'm responsible for paying all the bills.  i take care of all the home maintenance (ie making sure the furnace is checked and cleaned, changing all the filters like furnance and water filters, getting the dryer vent cleaned).  He never bathes the children , we have four--8, 5, 3 yrs old and a 4 month old. He doesn't help with education or homework.   He totally overestimates his usefullness to me and this family.  I can't  get him to go anywhere with me thats not particularly "his cup of tea"  ie  I had to go see "Wicked"  by myself.  He didn't even attend my graduation from nursing school.  I could go on and on.   I'm trying to be civil because i believe children should have both parents.  if it weren't for them i'd have been gone years ago. 

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My husband is such a slug too! If, by some slim chance, he has to take the clothes out of the dryer, he hangs his clothes up and drapes mine over whatever is handy. The sink is always full of his dishes with a dishwasher about a foot and a half away. I absolutely loath him. I would leave, but he has made so many bad business decisions that if I left I would have to take on half his debts. The amazing part is that he actually thinks he is a great husband despite the fact that he now has a job making half the annual salary he used to and he can't even get it up. I dream of freedom!

I swear they're all the same...God just put different faces on them so we could tell them apart...If they could only love US the way they love themselves!

At least yall have a home, my sorry *** husband wont get a real job so we dont even live together, we cant afford to so we each live seperately with our parents because I refuse to live with him at his mothers house (who does everything for him by the way) so he is in no rush to do anything productive. I was working for an art school as a model but my job ended with the school year so now we are both looking for work but i am the only one looking. I have a 2 year old who he serves as a stepfather to. we havent even been married a year and we are already in the midst of a divorce and counciling. He just got caught reconnecting with his ex girlfriend looking for sex and then denied that he called her up. WTF!!!!!! I dont know if I should try to at least finnish out the year of just be finnished with him. I heard the first five years of marriage is hard but really is this all there is.

And mine too... he doesn't even go to work until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, 4-5 days a week, and is a music instructor... WOW!!! That's SUPER hard work!!! Then he comes home and complains about how tired and hungry he is... he stays up til 2-3 in the AM drinking wine alone and, then is too lazy to feed himself. I make ALL the meals, clean the house, work, take care of the bills, budgeting, shopping, laundry, etc. - basically EVERYTHING - and he has the audacity to come home and complain. I even send him with lunch practically very day, and he NEVER eats it!!!! He has two hands but they may as well be tied behind his back... he is HELPLESS and USELESS!!!