Loser Husband!

Lately, for some reason, my right leg has been painful...well everything came to a head this past Friday...I took my poor dog for a walk, which I haven't been able to do lately...I barely started walking him and my right leg quit on me...I could NOT take another step...Luckily my daughter was with me and helped me get back to the house...well then, that leg started to go into extremely painful muscle spasms and just wouldn't quit... I was crying buckets....All I could do was sit by backdoor and hope it would end...I was like this the better part of the evening...could not even get up to use the bathroom...Well my husband comes home from work, proceeds to crack open first one beer, then another...I asked him what he was doing, because if this continued with my leg being excruciatingly painful, I was thinking I would be needing to go to the ER...Well, I don't remember precisely his words, but they were to the effect, he wasn't going to be taking me that nite to the hospital...When I did finally decide I needed to go, my son took me...I think hubby's sorry I ever came back from there...I sure hope this turns out to be nothing too serious, as I pity my children if anything ever happened to me and they would have to be left with him!!!!

bjorna bjorna
41-45, F
Feb 17, 2010