You Suck

i hate him i hate him i hate him. he's been out all effing day with his damn friends, its its 10 at night. he doesn't think to call me and let me know when he'll be home. i call him and he tell me he just didn't think about it cuz he's having a good time with his mates??? didn't remember to call ur wife and let her know?????? what is wrong with u???? tell me to just relax?? this is not the first time. i moved to this damn place for u. i don't know anyone. i have no effing friends. i dont go out anywhere. i befriend ur cousin who u then tell me im not permitted to see just because she agrees that u treat me like ****.  i stay at home all day everyday looking after the kids while u are either in ur damn xbox or out with ur friends. i have no one here. is it too much to ask for that my husband spends time with so that i don't go crazy??? u haven't taken me out anywhere for god knows how long! a movie? a dinner? even just a walk to the park!!!! don't tell me u love me. u dont know the first thing about love. u are a lousy husband. and good for nothing father and i am wasting away because of you. i keep fighting myself to stay in this for the children.. but why??? i don't want them to grow up thinking this is what a marriage should be like. i want them to know what two people in love is. this is NOT IT. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. even the little good in you is all fake and all for show. YOU SUCK

unlucky07 unlucky07
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2010