I Just Simply Hate Him

I simply hate his existence.  He is so lazy and he mope around the house cuz he "works from home."  He works for my dad, so he can't really get fired.  He is so lazy and so tired all the time.  He watches the kids while playing WII with them.  Nothing too strenuous.  When I am alone with the kids, I take them to different park, have the clean the house with me or cook, just a lot of healthy activity.  He is a drag to life.  I have a boyfriend on the side.  I have a child from him.  My husband thinks it's his.  Once day I will nail it to him that its not and laugh at his stupidity.

simonhater simonhater
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

You're a scumbag and an idiot.

LOL what a funny ending, just be careful he doesn't turn crazy when you do that

wow! MY husband is probably as lazy as yours. I dont think we women as for much but it seems like if it doesnt come with a manual then they are incapable of doing it. You shocked me with that ending there and many will probably say its wrong to cheat but i feel as if sometimes you have to do what u can to make yourself happy. Women in general can take alot but eventually they drive us to cheat on them.(Im very close to that point*)