Gave Up Everything... For Him

We ar both Harvard Grads.... seems perfect.  We moved to a small midwestern town... He promised it would be for three years, thirteen years late, we are still here.  My aspirations are dead.  Now he wants to go to Pacedena by himself for a year to do research, .. while I remain in a dead end job in a hell hole of a town.   I wanted a great lilfe, and now I am old.. this sucks.  He has bought a yacht and a vacation house in Key west.. neither of which I wanted.  I wanted a productive creative life in my field... and what do I have?   I only have one life and I am now with out hope.    

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3 Responses May 10, 2010

This is hard... I know what you are going through. My husband is the reason I had to give up my dreams.... Ask yourself if it is worth it... Does he really know that he caused you this pain? Sometimes you talk to them but they just doesn't hear, and when he finally does, he is so surprised at how much pain he caused you. If you can, please talk to him, tell him how you feel.

I never too late....Do it for yourself, you can still have a creative life and go back to school. He is obviuosly a selfish guy who used your support to grow as an individual and forgot that you had also intelectual and spiritual needs....He doesn't deserve more o your years wasted on a bastard like him. Dump him, and eventhough you didn;t want that yatch fight for what is yours and sell whatever you get to jumstart your new life.<br />
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Good Luck!!

It's never too late....although time is gone....but it's not too late to enjoy what time you have left