******* Husband

i hate my husband from the bottom of my heart..if i think seriously..and what i really wish that he should be dead..so that my life is free..atleast...i dont have the guts to end the relationship..coz i know i would be blamed for it..and then i would have no value in the society..thtat son of a ***** is only smart in  confronting me..instead making a living for himself..that ******* old bastard he is..neways yeah so i just wish he should be dead..he has hurt me sooo much..both mentally and physically...and the worst part it he is not even thinking that  he did something wrong..and that sob (son of a *****..!well which his mother really is!) instead behaves like a girl and tell me things abt it...i think  its high time..he should be taught a lesson by nature to realise  and value the woman in his life..or else that ******* bastard is free to die..i dont support him emotionally nemore..and physically to he is already acting as if he is 90 plus..and blames me for that...useless in every shpere of life...that what i would like to call my  husband as..please ppl pray for me...in this..thx. :)
pandyasheetal pandyasheetal
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 9, 2010

I'm praying for you right now. I hate my husband, and I know its wrong. Keep God always in your heart and get on your knees and pray for a forgiving heart.