I Can't Take Much More

I am a stay at home mom pregnant with my 6TH child. My husband works and then comes home and expects to do absolutely NOTHING....He is verbally abusive and his mother is just as bad. We got married 12 years ago without knowing each other but 3 months. If I knew how things would be or even met his mother first I would have ran fast! She does not like me because I stand up for myself instead of let her son treat me like s**** without saying something back. He always defends when she disrespects me and puts me down for everything I do. I don't know why I have stayed so long.....I keep thinking he will change but he has only gotten angrier and meaner. He treats me like I am worth nothing and have no opinion. I want to leave my marriage before my son picks up his behavior and treats women poorly like his father.

I have found that when he comes home I am instantly unhappy. I no longer enjoy doing anything that I used to do. I feel like all his put downs over the years are really starting to affect my mind. I am, or at least I was the happiest person and full of life. He has made me not enjoy much of anything and I dread the birth of this baby cause I have so many health problems that I know I will get no help. I get no special treatment being pregnant like most. I am lonely all the time and feel like never leaving the house. I know I need to leave but I can't afford to live on my own. I have barley any family and they have their own problems, I can't burden them. I would just like to be able to vent my frustrations and find some people to talk to so I can get some form of support. Thank you for listening and reading my story....
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If you ever need some support, I'm here to talk to.

I am right there with you. Just today my husband told me, in front of the kids, that he wished I would kill myself, then he shoved the chair I was sitting over, put his hands on me, pinched me, again, all this with the kids watching. The looked at them and told them he had never hit me. WTF...is there a difference? I wish that he would just die. I hate him with every inch of my being.

To who ever cares. The above woman is dead. She was my daughter. She endured physical and mental/emotional abuse for years and now he can not hurt her anymore. I believe he killed her, flat out murdered her. In the least, she died of a broken heart. 781.975.2923 Her mom