I'm Getting Depressed

he is always angry, always bitching, always putting me down. he called me his ******* retard wife and a meathead... he told me that he couldn't wait to get rid of me and that he was counting down the days. i asked him what i did to hurt him, after telling him the things that hurt me, and he came up with that i don't make his lunch for work, and i don't respect him... well whatever!! and those things are just so terribly hurtful i guess. how do you respect someone who is constantly treating you like **** verbally. we have 3 kids between us. his stepson just came to live with us in feb. he's 10. our daughter is 6 and we have a 2 month old baby boy. my husband divides this family by coddling his older son, referring to him when he speaks of him as "MY son", and calling our daughter "YOUR daughter". even though all these kids are his biologically. he hates women and therefore views our daughter as mine more than his. i just can't stand being here anymore. i just want to take my two kids and scram. maybe i will soon..
jibbders jibbders
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

You should scram, if he's a man who hates women he'll never change. Why should you be the one to take his abuse? When he says he can't wait to get rid of you what does he mean? Sounds like a scary, unsafe situation.