I Hate..hate..my Spouse To A Passion I Can't Even Discribe.

He is such a ******* looser, this ******* bastard got me pregnant for a third time after I asked him to use protection, now he can't take care of any of us. Nothing is his fault, I tried to get a job, and while the interviewer was on the phone he cursed...she heard...I said he might have cost me the job and he had the nerve to say my interviewing skills cost me the job....He does not appreciate ****...he is underserving...I have struggled and stood by his dumb uneducated *** for ten years...he can't ****...I  am literally gagging when we have sex. I hate him touching me...I did not know he was such a disgusting bum! as soon as I get on my feet I am leaving his stupid ***. All he wants to do is sit on welfare and figure ways how to scam the system and use my children!...my children! he plays vidoe games twenty four seven and won't even take his kids tot he park...he is seriously a ******* ******* and he won't take the fall for nothing and nobody...he has driven me to drinking and depression pills because I see the rest of my life as a miserable mess. **** this. I want out but I have no money and so I am stuck with his stupid ******* ***. I would rather have a ugly caring guy than a thoughtless punk *** like my other half...I hate even say that and I wish he would disappear...like literally. How did I get my life this way. But I tell you one thing, I am going to get out one way or the other. He's disgusting and I'm going to break something over his ******* head if he doesn't stop making a ******* idiot of himself.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Are we married to the same guy, lol? My husband is a ******* miserable bastard too, I feel your pain!