I Hate My Stupid *** Husband!

All my husband does is sit around and play Xbox Live! We have  5 and 6 year old girls to take care of ,but not him! He also has a Psycho ***** baby mama! It is like our life has to revolve around him, the psycho *****, and thier kid. When I look at this motherfu**** I want to kick his face in with steel toe boots! I could leave but what's the point, every man I have ever came across is basically a lazy idiot, incapable of treating thier loved ones right. I refuse to call this ******* my husband! He just walked into the room, I think I threw-up in my mouth!
stjoe37 stjoe37
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

i hear ya! how ******* stupid can someone be. my baby wouldn't even be alive if it were not for me. i dont even think that he reaslises that were in the room. HE COMES HOME FROM WORK BITCHING! and guys think that we ***** and complain and nag. **** NO. it's all the dudes! all i've heard is how much laundry is done why arnt the dishes done OMFG. how about you clean up your dishes and wash your own smelly *** clothes! **** YOU. i'd love to see what my husband would do if i acted like him. UGH