Don't Know How To Handle This

I really do not understand his motives or his actions. We know we love each other but he can be so mean, and say such mean things. He has no patience at times. There are times where he is helpful, especially since I work a full time job and he has no job. He has a business he runs from the house, but its my job that allows this because the kids are with me during the day.
SO, since he lost his job over a year and a half ago, he has not looked for work. My parents help us out and they are sick of it. If he was looking for work it would be different, but he's not even trying.
We have four kids and a dog and have outgrown our townhome. He is home all the time but he doesn't do repairs around the house. We are currently redoing the kids rooms but he won't lift a finger to help. My parents and my boss helped me pay for things, and I have been running around to get paint, etc. but he won't help.
I don't sleep well at all because its musical beds every night. That's why we are redoing the bedrooms. We have 4 children ages 6 and under. So, they are all getting their big beds. For now, its musical beds. I can't sleep not knowing that everyone is safe in their own beds. He doesn't care at all.
He also doesn't care that I have no sleep and its effecting me in so many ways.
Right now, I am up will all the kids. (One is asleep on the couch). and he is upstairs in bed. I try to get rest on the weekends, so sometimes he lets me sleep later but then he lets the kids run amock all over the house without watching them, so I have to get up.
He blocks the entrance to the basement so that only he has access, including to the laundry, which we are at his mercy for.

Help. How can I knock some sense into him?
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I think the problem is they know you'll do everythinf for him, you'll rush to clean when he makes a mess and you'll bring money every month when he'a broke. You're a solution for all his needs. Let him feel hiw much he needs you. I dont know how you can do that <br />
how about a sudden vacation? Arrange it with youre boss to look like job trip and leave the house and the kids for , lets say a week, with out calls. It worth trying