The Idiot I Call My Husband And Baby's Daddy

My husband has the check book without my name on it and I never see any of the money. He spends it all even my money he got ahold of it and is gone. I saved up from when I worked and he spent it all. I despise him for it!! He's never home with me and our baby and leaves us with no money all the time. I have no food in the house he goes to the store and buys all the things he likes and I don't dare eat any of it. It is his. He takes my nice car that I bought when I was single and he has totally trashed it inside and out including ripped my leather seats. Which I found out when I went to get in my car, he never had the decensy to tell me it happened.
He stinks and never shaves or trims his toenails sometimes I look at him and am so grossed out that is the man I married.
I am trying to work it out so bad, he makes it so difficult. Being ignored all the time unless he wants sex is not a good relationship to me.
He never pays our bills so I have to deal with all the bill collectors calling all day and have no access to the money.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

in the same boat...i feel the same way.

my husband is like that too

get a good attorney