Dear Mamas Boy

i m 18 and i have been married for 2 years and i hate my husband very much he always run to mama when i say some thing and when his mother get mad at me and cus everything i got and what i dont got he dont say any thing to help me and i cant say any thing to her thay tell me i m a jinx and that thay wish i never got married to him and thay always tell me that thay never wanted me from the start and now he even tell me that he wish that i can die and some time i think bout just killed my self and just geting it over and done with i dont now what to do any more i pray and cry everyday for god to just take me outta of it thay dont hit me are anything like that but i reather tham do that than for thay to tell me mean thing like that if there is any one out there that know what i m going thow and that are getting throw it please let me thank p.s from some one who hate life it self
someonewhohateslifeitself someonewhohateslifeitself
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

just leave him