After 8 Years Of Love Story.....

I've been married for only 3 months after an 8 years love story , and i got really disappointed! I never knew that i love a NERD, he's always thinking and dont talk much, and when he open his mouth it would difinetly be a scientific conversation. We never had romantic moments or chats.every passing day i pray for a mini surprise, a red flower, romantic hug or at least any passion. Most of the time he act like a baby, play as dummy and never act as a real man. I've been told that i'm a sexy women but i dont feel like a women around him. He is colder than ice. He asked me NOT to wear any sexy langeri for him and last night i was waiting for him ,wearing a hot belly dancing outfit not to mention that i spent around 3 hours practicing to embress him, and when he arrived i played the music and started dancing,suddenly he told me : please my dear dont dance now the music will annoy our neighbors, i just wanna see tv wih you intil we fall into sleep !
What kind of man is he? Is he gay ?.....
Its hurting me to love him more than he love me, ans its killing me to feel alone even when he's around.
This sotuation is really confusing me, he is very kind and generous . I love him because he used to be the love of my life for 8 stupid years, and i hate him because in reality we have no connection.
I dont know what to do.... Should i freez my heart to continue this marriage?
I wish to leave this life and just die befor getting divorce,,,,,,
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Hey,I forgot to add this,maybe hes watching ***** and thats why he doesnt want sex...Get spectro pro to monitor him on his computer.

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Will he seek counseling?Was it like that for years?Or just sudden?If it were me,I would try to do anything to sabve the marriage,and if it doesnt work after a month,tell him you want a divorce,maybe hell freak out and change,and if that dont work do it!!.You need to be happy,think about your happiness too.Material things arent everything,you need to feel like a woman.........

I talked to him many times before. He gets better the next day after we fight and then return to coldness. I've done everything I could do to seduce him which all had badly ended..... Is he normal? I know that he loves me very much , but i can't feel it. Please help me with my NERD husband

Its sounds like he might be emotionally detached, he's might be feeling empty inside due to past personal reasons not relating you. You need it (the passion) to happen at the right time for both of you, or else it will be an uncomfortable situation. Let him clear his mind, talk it over, and try again. Good luck to you.