I Hate My Husband

I am married now for  8.5 years. Out of the first 5 years of our marriage my husband had no job for two years. We now both manage a restaurant, and he makes me do all the work. I work at home, and I work at work, and I have two kids who he does nothing for! He sleeps until noon, then wakes up, by the time he is finished in the bathroom, its 3 pm, then he comes to eat, he only works for 2-3 hours in the night, then he comes home and watches tv till 3 or 4am. I do the laundry, I wash the dishes, I clean the house, I cook, I take the kids to school, I pick them up, I do the finances of the restaurant, I do the ordering, I do the receiving of goods, I handle the hr, I handle the pr, I have just initialised the deliveries, I tutor my bosses daughter for Mat, I have a 13 yr old and a 6 yr old, I help them with their homework, I clean up after everyone and I am just sick to death of my useless husband.
I am tired and I feel he is selfish and inconsiderate! He is a dictator, and If I tell him I want a divorce he says that our kids will grow up in a broken home and it will be all my fault. He says he know he is lazy, and that I will just have to learn how to deal with it!!!!
I hate him, i even consider ways of killing him, I imagine it all the time. What do I do?????
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I know it must be tough espacially when you have kids.But hes using you,manipulating you,and abusing you cause you do all and he does nothing.I had the same situtation,and you know what I did?I divorced the peice of* ***.I can support the kids on my own.I didnt need heim to sit there and tell me that the kids will have a broken family!My kids are first but my health asnd happiness is too.And I sat there thinking about my situtation and saying to myself,if I am sooo stressed out and so unhappy and miserable,Ill die young and the kids will have a broken home cause I wont be there.I wasnt getting any younger,and to go on like this doing all and him doing nothing,I saod to myself,Do I really want to spent the rest of my life being a slave to man that does nothing for me?I divorced him,and I am so much happier.Any man that says that a divorce would break of the family is not true,he can always come see them!!!!!!!!!!! Think about yourself asnd your happiness.He knows youll not leave him and hes using you to do all and you are doing it Stop!!!Hes taking advantage of you!!Give him the ultimatum !!