My husband's cancer is back. Ask me if I care. The doctor gave him Rx for antidepressants. He said he doesn't want to take them because he doesn't want to alter his emotions. I said fine but right now your emotions are making you physically sick and they are leading to you snapping at everyone one. LIke who, he said, give me one example. Like I opened the trunk to the car and you got mad at me. I only got mad because I cleaned out the car and you had to look for the one place that wasn't clean. I was putting a gym bag in the trunk. You know what? Can't wait until this is over. 20 years of **** like that... I am actually blamed for a blow out because I was putting something in the trunk. Every day. It's not just me. It's the kids too. Doctor told him the other day that people remember the last few years. His kids are going to remember him for being a mean, petty, grumpy, angry, hostile person. I don't care. That's what he is. He can rot in hell that way.
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Heather, you are funny. I came here looking for a kindred spirit to share my sorrow with, and you gave me a laugh instead. Thank you!!!<br />
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My husband does similar things to me. The expectations are ridiculous. Don't you sometimes laugh at his "logic?" You have to, to keep your sanity. Just think of how much his anger is driving him straight to an early grave. When you go to bed at night, visualize yourself happy and healthy. I'm not joking. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. It works to relieve your stress. You can't help him, but you can help yourself. <br />
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Whatever "happy" and "healthy" means to you, visualize it. Think about it before you go to sleep, how you will feel once you're at that place where you can be those things. You will age gracefully while he turns into a wrinkled prune. You will cope better with the daily BS and you'll realize he's not taking you down with him.<br />
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Every night, before you fall asleep. Meditate and visualize. ;o) Take care ladies.

Sounds just like my ******* husband. I hate him. I wish he would die. A co-worker's spouse died of an aneurysm this week. My first thought was not sorrow for the co-worker, but "why couldn't that happen to my spouse?". How terrible is that? I encouraged him to get a motorcycle, because that would increase the chance of imminent death. No such luck yet. Oh-mine got mad when I asked him to unlock the door to my vehicle 2 seconds after I stepped out of the vehicle. The key fob was in his hand. It was too much trouble for him to push the button. He had locked the door before I realized that I left my jacket in the vehicle.....he says "You cant F-ing plan your S---t better, didn't you know you needed your jacket when you were in the car?!?!?!". We were inches from the car, key fob in hand. Reminds me of your trunk incident. This is one of many verbally and emotionally abusive actions this man continuously does to me. Why do I stay? 1 year old child. He has gotten worse since the birth, as if he knows I won't go anywhere because of the kid. And It is true. it would kill me to leave my child for weekend visits, etc. with this *******.