Chapter 2

Sex with someone who constantly blames you.

I am no longer interested in sex with my husband. He is emotionally abusive and quite frankly, sex is not that fun with someone who treats you like the worst thing in their life.

The last time we had sexual relations. I performed oral sex on him. After I was done, or he was done, rather. He said. "That was fine, but that's not what I really wanted."

Right. Guess what? That wasn't what I really wanted either. And, I lost any interest in being with that man. Actually, I'd say he killed any desire in me. That's OK. I'd gladly give up any hope of sex in the future, just to be rid of him now rather than having to wait for this disease to kill him. But, in the meantime, I'll just wait.

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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Just be glad he waited until you were done. My wife still doesn't grasp that my erectile dysfunction problems are due to stress of having sex with her. Having your lover is criticizing your technique during sex is NOT a turn on. I hate her beyond words for that.