I Hate Him Because He Cant Stop Lusting After Other Women

I am currently 8 months pregnant and my husband thinks its ok to gawk and drool over tiny girls at the pool in bikinis right in front of me!!!  I wonder how long hes been doing this???  He goes out of town ALL the time for work and when hes home hes miserable and does nothing but act like a jerk to me and the kids.  Sex is nothing it is just a minute or two and I just lay there to get it over with!!!  There will be NO SEX in this house besides hes got his eyes on a few young girls with toned butts abs thwe works and NO STRETCH MARKS.  Sometimes I wish he wouldnt be coming home ever unless its in a body bag or casket.  He cant get off his rear end at home to help out in the house anymore so its been getting difficult for me to keep bending over picking up after the kids all the time and HIM!!!!!!  I am not even that big of a person but I guess his heart lies somewhere else.  I was a size 6 before getting pregnant and I have only gained 19 lbs this pregnancy.  When its all said and done I will look so good and smaller than I was before and he can get mad and angry when other guys lust after me in front of him.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I understand exactly what you going through. It is also happening with me. I caugh my husband with **** and naked woman lying with there legs open between his Christian music. He also goes on to You tube and copy them on to a hard drive and then hides this away. I hate him with a passion. But you know Karma is busy taking its toll. Now guys are looking at me and they tell me that I look hot for my age and he cannot stand it. He always follow me thinking that he will catch me with another man. Sorry but I must say the men all all sick, they have been born with a fanny over there brain, when they need a brain surgery, the doctor will have to take the fanny away first before he can operate. I also dont think well of these ***** that is selling there bodies like that, but believe me God does not sleep and the tables does turn. You know the word says what you sew you will reep. Just keep you head up high and get you body sorted make youself look nice and you will see, he will start to wonder what is going on.