I married my husband and came to live with him in the US 1.5 yrs ago.
He wanted us to have a baby asap,as much as I wanted to wait for a few years I couldnt say no to him at that time.I was too much in love.
We have a 7 month baby boy and I love him a lot.
I sacrificed my country,my job,my family and friends and even my body just to make him happy.He started taking advantage of me,he never helped during the 9 months I was pregnant,he never helps me now after the baby,he spends at the most half hour with the baby.Then he loses patience and watchesi tv.He has never cooked a meal for me,he has never done the dishes,never done the laundry.He leaves me all alone in the house,comes home in the evening,watches tv,I cant drive in this country,he hasnt helped me learn driving or paid for my driving class,I cant travel anywhere in this country,he has me trapped in the house.I hate him,he says I should wait for the baby to grow up,then I can do things for myself,I hate him.He says he loves me but I dont feel it.Its just been 1.5 yrs and already I am bored and miserable.Marriage is a big mistake.
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He sounds like mine. Thats why i hate him this much. Well i am living in France with my husband, but he terrorises me day and night. I only afford a smile the minute i get out of that house to go work. He tries to discredit me infront of his friend and whenever he sees me trying to do something that wil benefit me, all he does is to tell me that i will never make it in life without him.

So why did you come to this country? You sold your body to come an live in the best country in the world. And just because your huband wanted a bady, you hate him! Too much??

I am truly sorry.<br />
You love your child so you are stuck. I understand.<br />
Take care of you and your child first.<br />
Your husband is an adult and can take care of himself.<br />
If he truly loves you, he will support your independence.<br />
I would think he would want you to drive in case of an emergency with your child but if he is controlling it makes sense he wants you to be dependent on him.<br />
<br />
If your husband is truly unavailable for you and your son, know you can fly home to your mother country and stay! <br />
<br />
Your child deserves a father who pays attention. I do think many men have a hard time geting involved with their children until they are walking as they don't have the maternal instict women have.<br />
<br />
Good luck.