I Hate Who He Is Now,

When i met my husband he was sweet and shy, so good to me. We made love every day, more than three times a day. Now i never touch him, he's always watching ****, the last time we had sex, no for-play lube and go. I'm pregnant, and a house wife we live two states away from my family, and he's a marine. He talks all night to other women, he plays video games all day, I'm sick, he turns up his music. He pretends i don't exist he only talks to me for five minutes about the baby. his house is supposed to be perfect, but I'm so tired i can't sleep at night and i sleep most of the day, but i don't have the energy to do anything. He tells me I'm worthless and useless, he's no longer attracted to my body, and we've been married a year in two months. i just want to be loved, held, talked sweet too, told I'm pretty. something, he thinks it's enough that he married me, more like he trapped me. I hate my life, if it wasn't for the baby i would have already killed myself,
deadinside123 deadinside123
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2010

Why would you do something stupid like that, he us dumbass, leave him if he is making u feel like that.

Why turn that hatred of his onto yourself? Why kill yourself over this loser and what HE thinks? He is a twisted freak not worth spitting on, much less killing yourself over. You've let him beat you down. Get out from under his thumb, woman. He is toxic.

Please dont ever think about killing yourself...You have that baby to think of and believe me when I tell you he isnt worth it! I am going through the same thing although my story is a bit different and I am hurting so bad but I refuse to let him take all my power away from me! I was pregnant too but my son died 8 days after he was born and my husband didn't even comfort me, that was the most devestating thing that could have ever happened to me and its still really hard to talk about , he made me feel like it was my fault that our son died, as if I decided to go into labor 3 months early on purpose! I got really depressed and couldnt get outta the bed and he wouldn't even come back in the bedroom to check on me.....Maybe you should go to counseling? Whatever you decide to do I hope that things work out for you because I truly understand just how dark things can get...I will pray for you.