I Hate Everything About Him.... He Makes My Skin Crawl

I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now.  In the beginning he was really nice and sweet, treated me very well.  However, once he knew he "had" me things changed.  He moved into my house and turned into an *******.  He use to help me with chores and help around the house.  I moved half way across the country to follow him because that's where his job took him.  I gave up my permanent federal government job to follow that idiot.  Now, he ignores me all the time.  He gets up in the morning, makes a mess, leaves his dirty dishes around, leaves old coffee in the pot, mess all over the counter, puts his dishes in the sink because he's too lazy to make it to the dishwasher, ****** all over the toilet seat and the floor in the bathroom, and then he goes to work... figures that dumb ***** will clean it up because that's my job.  He won't eat dinner at the table but instead he will take his food downstairs and then leave his dirty dishes down there, empty beer bottles, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce.. whatever he's using.  He doesn't do laundry, doesn't clean bathrooms, doesn't shovel.  But he is very good at creating a mess and playing video games.  When he gets off work he will go downstairs and play video games until he falls asleep.. for like 8 hours straight he will play video games.  He doesn't say hello to me.  Sometimes he won't even eat, just sit there and play games.  He doesn't feed the animals.  If I didn't feed them they wouldn't eat.  Most times he won't even come to bed, just sit downstairs, sleep downstairs.  He expects to have sex on his terms.  He is verbally abusive.  He constantly calls me names and says things like "when are you going to move back home?" because I gave up my family, friends, career, life to follow him and I don't have a job right now... and he'll say things like "i have a job what about you?"  "why did you even come up here, I don't want you here" but yet if I try to discuss ending this, he ignores me and says he's tired and can't talk about it.  I'm not in a position to walk away because we have assets together and he's not walking away with that.  He makes my life miserable and won't discuss any solutions or trying to fix things.  I truly ******* hate him.  I feel like he's ruined my life.  Not to mention all the lies he filled my head with like "oh things are perfect and everythings going to work out, going to get married and have a family" and then he just dropped that as quick as he brought it up.  I think he's a loser who lies to get what he wants.  He's a very introverted person and I don't even think that he is capable of expressing feelings.  It's like he doesn't have any feelings and he makes me cry all the time because he is so mean and he'll just make fun of me and tell me to keep crying.  Everyday I wake up, I just want to go back to bed.  I hate the fact that I have to live with him and I have to spend time with him.  I dread the end of the day when he walks through the door.  I want to move on but I think it will be a grueling battle to get what is mine because I sold my home and used the money I made as a downpayment, all the furniture is mine, the appliances, I bought the car, paid for the bikes etc.. and he'll probably just be an ******* and try to get more than he actually contributed.  I think he's a bastard and he puts a big show on at his work functions and tells me to come along, get all done up for these formal ******* dinners so he can show me off.. but yet he ignores me every single day and can't even communicate with me.  I ******* hate him.
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He sounds like my ex why do men treat us women like this , my ex was alway shouting and bullying me and kids had enough told him to leave so went to womens centre to get advice and they called the police he left alright took everything ...left me with just the furniture even took all the kids DVDs ....took a while but to get back on my feet me and kids are so happy his out our life ......4 years later I met a lovely man treats me and kids like gold never been so happy ....

Going through divorce is difficult but does it make living with him any easier? Why woman has to be the nice one? The responsible one? The grown-up? I hate my husband too. Nowadays, I always imagine what I would say on the day when we go to court for custody of my baby girl. My husband plays video games too. The other night I smashed his computer and he was considering divorce. Although now we got back together, I do not feel the same. I just want him to wake up from his looser's life. What is wrong with that?