I Hate Him.

He is the type who instead of saying "thanks" or "good job" or "well done" in response to something done for him he just has to find at least some small detail to complain about. He is Japanese and I really wish I knew how to say (with effective impact) "If you don't like it then do it your god damn self you cretin!" in Japanese. When I get mad at him he just laughs in my face. If I get so upset I cry he just tells me to quick the acting because it disgusts him. He has no feelings for anyone except himself.
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Sounds like my husband - he is NEVER happy about anything and never has a nice thing to say. it's so hard to stay positive for the kids.

I just had a huge fight with mine. Same thing...verbal and emotional abuse. He had the nerve to say that when I try to hug him or cook him a nice meal when he is upset it doesn't "help". Why don't I actually do something helpful for him like figure out how to make it so he doesn't need to work? So my caring gestures mean nothing to hm. I am feeling hurt and angry. I just blew up the blow up mattress and am sleeping on the floor of my office to avoid him.

Sometimes avoidance is the only thing you can do to keep yourself from going crazy.

Yes the verbal abuse hits harder than a fist...The idiots don't realize it. I have often said bastards breed other bastards and do believe a lot of it is learned behavior for they didnt'[ have enough sense to form their own character nor see good peoples traits. Good Luck hope you find peace someday................

Call him "bakatoli" (bock uh tall e) the e is a long pronunciation. It means bastard in Japanese. Sorry that's as good as I could come up with! Maybe that will have him step back.

I agree with mrmountain, there are plenty of wonderful, sweet men who will appreciate and reciprocate! Please do not be afraid to leave him. Life is so very short and this will not get any better.<br />
If he is willing to try counselling maybe try that, but if not I say get out.<br />
Always ask yourself... is this how I would want my daughter to be treated by her husband, if the answer is no then get out because sweetie you are being emotionally abused.

KICK HIS *** TO THE CURB ! If he doesnt appreciate you for you then good ridence ! You don't need somebody who belittles you just to make his puny asian *** bigger,I so would stomp him like Godzilla to an ant with my 6' 6" 240 stature for you ! You so deserve better and their are plenty of men here in the states who would appreciate a "good" woman such as yourself (I know that I would).Good luck and happy hunting,just keep up the rouse untill you find your Mr. Right

If I leave him now then when my visa runs out I gave to go back to the US. If I can survive sticking it out a few more years then I can get citizenship and can leave him faster than a cat fleeing a bathtub they accidentally fell in.

My husband is the same way. A f-tard a-hole. He belittles me every chance he can with a smirk on his face. I went to college and got my degree to put up with this ****? It sucks for me. I hate him so frigging bad sometimes. It's sad when death seems better than living with him.

I know how you feel. I married a man whose culture glorifies and belittles women (Mexican). Not a day goes by I don't get critisized for something.

i HATE HATE HATE my verbally and emotionally abusive husband...he belittles me every chance he gets....i'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids and i'm trapped!!!!!!! I hope he dies in his sleep!!!!!!!!

He's an *******... I'm sorry, I feel your pain. It makes me sad that men can be such ******** that there is an actual website to share our sad stories about the crap they've done to us. I'm new here and sooo ready to vent and let some of this crap inside of me that he has created out, even if there is nobody to listen or read, it'll feel good and I'm sure it did for you, as I feel I've walked in your shoes many times too.

Just so that your aware,their are 2 sides of the coin.I TOATALLY don't agree with his actions.BUT,women can be just as abusive in other ways and I have been in a realationship for 12 years now and can attest to the fact.Just sayin....