I posted this as a response to a question, but I think it belongs here too.

My husband. I didn't find out about this until after we got married. I think he is a mild megalomaniac. He used to be in a band (that he started). We live in Nagoya city, near Toyota city. He thinks that his band brought the "warring factions" of the Nagoya and Toyota punk rock community together and changed the face of punk music in this area. He also thinks that everyone in the city knows who he is and that he has an image to maintain since everyone knows who he is. Sometimes he will go on endlessly about this. But every time I go to a club and meet new people nobody I talk to has ever heard of him or his stupid band (all the members quit because my husband is such an egotistical ***). So now his "super-band" is no more. But he still goes on about how important he is.

He is listening to the CD of his band right now on the stereo in the living room. Annoying! And it is too loud. But I can't say anything because he gets mad at me if I don't like the same music he does.
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Right now you are literally living with the devil you do know rather than the devilyou don't know

I am definitely not going to have kids so no need to worry about that. I will just have to wait a little longer. Right now my only choices are stay, leave and immediately get married to someone else so I don't have to leave the country (DO NOT like this option), or leave and have to leave the country once my visa expires (do not like this option either). I am stuck between a rock, a hard place, and an idiot. My best option is to just stick it out with the idiot for a couple more years.

I will have some more choices when I can get Japanese citizenship in a few years.

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This guy is too important for his own good. He is his own brand of narcissist. <br />
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I have been living with a self important partner for 25 years and the past 23 years have been PURE HELL. <br />
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I only stayed for the kids...yup, that's right. I stayed for the kids. Youngest mentally disabled didn't leave much other choice.<br />
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If you have choices then USE THEM and RUN