Omg We Are A Group

OMG so we are a group , a real frigin group , the women who's marriages have actually "made it" and now we cant wait for a change or the man of our dreams to pass on or take trips , what ever they need to do to get the hell away from us and leave us alone LOL  So ladies what shall we call ourselves?? lets all think of a name for our group and start figuring out what in the hell were going to do now, I keep telling myself its me all me and I should be soooo in love with him after all these fricken years and yet frankly I AM NOT . I can barely stand the guy and yes hes still  handsome and desirable but  just not to me. So I'm a bit over weight , started back to the gym and all I can think about is "somethings gotta give here " I started hunting on internet to see if I'd just lost my mind or what, seeking some answers .Then I found this site and Laughed my A&^ off at the posts. . and the commoradery. [forgive my spelling]  
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1 Response Mar 26, 2011

It's like you're telling my story. I have been married for nearly 27 years and I am so bored and tired of my husband that I cannot even stand it. The funny thing is he's such a "good" husband and does all the things he's supposed to do except the most important one. And no emotional support. And I would be considered the one at fault if I ended it with three sons. I too was searching the Internet for some proof that I wasn't the only one who felt this way and found this site. Reading other women's posts, it seems that we are a group and that I am not alone. How to get through another day of the same, same sameness of this life. If we do anything, I am the one who organizes it. If we have any social life, I am the one who plans and invites,. If I have any ideas of living a bigger life and tell it to him, his immediate reaction is no. He thinks small and lives small. If I express these feelings he doesn't believe I would ever leave. He takes me for granted and has to be right about everything. He talks endlessly about himself and I can't stand it any more. If I have to hear another one of this self-involved stories for the 85th frickkin time I will shoot myself. Thanks for letting me vent and sharing.