Everything He Does That I Hate. The Little Things That Add Up.

I was going to put this in my blog, but I figured more people would see it here.
Mind you these are just the little things.  The big things like suffering a blow to the head from a metal cane are not included here.

I am sure this list will continue to expand.

1. Gets mad at me if I don't sleep in the same bed as him.
Reasons why he shouldn't get mad:
- I have great trouble sleeping, every little movement wakes me up, such a problem that I am scheduled for an overnight stay at the hospital for a sleep test (polysomnography).
- I have asthma and GERD which sometimes prevent me from sleeping completely laying down. If I could sleep in the other bed I could raise the head of the bed a bit allowing me to get some relief and sleep better.

2. Wakes me up for stupid reasons in the night. Most recently because he wanted to know where those disposable hay fever type masks are because he was embarrassed to go to the convenience store in the middle of the night because of the fat lip he got while getting into a fight being drunk.
Why this makes me mad.
- I have enough trouble sleeping already without adding being woken up for unimportant junk.
- I have to get up at 5:30 to go to work (something he doesn't do) and need all the sleep I can get.

3. When he says "will you go to the convenience store?" which actually means "I want booze but am too lazy to get it myself so matter how many times you say no I am going to keep pestering you about it until you get pissed off enough to go just to get me to shut up.

4. Wouldn't go to the hospital with me when I was in a really bad physical and emotional state from the death of a pet, had his mother take me by taxi instead. Wouldn't be by my side when I was vomiting volumes at the hospital. Yet insists that I take a day off of work to go to a routine dentist visit with him.

5. He stays in bed all day watching TV and then has the nerve to get mad at me for being on the computer too long. At least I am in an upright position, not drunk, and participating in some sort of interaction with the outside world.

6. Complains that I don't make him lunch right after I get home from work although he has been sitting home all day doing nothing.

7. Spills things and leaves them spilled and "insists" later that he knows nothing about what I just stepped in.

8. Always calls me to find his things that are still in the same place where he last left them because the concept of "look around" seems to be foreign to him.

9. Complains about there not being any food in the house, which actually means that there is nothing in the refrigerator that he can just lift the wrap off and eat straight from the fridge without having to use utensil, a plate, or god forbid, the microwave.

10. He doesn't do the dishes many times (it was an original agreement when we first moved in, husband does dishes, I do the kitty litter) he just sits there watching TV pretending that he doesn't even notice that I am doing his job. And he never touches the kitty litter if there are times I fail to do it.

11. Knows I have social anxiety disorder but getting crazy mad if I refuse to go somewhere with him that I don't feel comfortable going.

12. Calls me stupid, idiot, worthless, the worst.

13. Leaves his old newspapers strewn all over the floor instead of putting them in the newspaper bin when he is done with them.

14. Manages to break, spill something on, burn a hole in, or rip anything I buy new.

15. Says the cats are low on food and then walks away, when he was standing right next to the food bowl and the cabinet where the food is kept. No way he could ever bother to do it himself.

16. Never throws away is empty bottles or cans or puts away the CD's, videos, or games he used and then complains that the living room is too cluttered.

17. Doesn't put a new roll of toilet paper in when he has used the last few sheets.

18. Crams so much trash into the trash can that if you take the lid off everything will come tumbling out on the floor. Never takes it out and puts a new bag in the can.

19. Similar to #8 but more specific. Always makes me search for his glasses, but never helps me when I am trying to find something.

20. Almost always goes to bed but doesn't turn off the TV in the living room and then has the nerve to complain about me wasting electricity by leaving the computer on during my 10 minute or less shower.

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7 Responses May 5, 2011

Please please tell me you got rid of this nincompoop!

I'm plotting.

I'm on your side, sister.

Could you leave and come back to this country or wherever you may be from?<br />
You don't need this abusive ahole around at all. He is controlling you by the abuse and neglect the ordering around and just being a FKG!!! MONSTER...I was with a worthless @#$#@$ just like him many years ago. He use to steal my checks bounce them, abuse me with control tactics, he would get me so upset I would cry and he would be smurking. It has been 20 years or so and it still ****** me off. <br />
Please get out for your own health and sanity...<br />
<br />
GOOD LUCK DARLING..........<br />

I don't want to just up and leave everything behind. I want to get my revenge. I want him left with nothing.

So you married this man so you could stay in Japan? How old is he?

I didn't marry him so I could stay in Japan. I married him because I thought he was the one. But unfortunately he turned out to be a major loser. Now I am stuck in this life. He is a few years younger than me.

Oh I know what you're going through, but you have a better reason to complain since you work and he doesn't. My knuckleheaded husband works but still manages to get under my skin regularly. This morning I got up to find the kitchen rug soaked with water which was dripping from the cabinet under the sink.. I asked him about it when he got home and he admitted it was like that when he got up at 2 a.m. to go to work. So I wondered why he hadn't done anything to stop it. He says he had to go and didn't have time. It would have taken less than five minutes to turn off the main water supply but he decided instead to let it continue to flood the kitchen for the next five hours. He did however grab a dish towel that was hanging there and lay it on the already soaked rug. I have been married to this dimbulb for nearly 30 years and this has always been the way he's dealt with things. His only redeeming quality is that he works, otherwise he'd be a faint memory by now.

Mine would probably pretend like he didn't even see it.

This man sounds like my husband and his kids that live in this house. It is amazing to me people can drop something, look at it, and walk on, leaving it for someone else (me) to pick up. **** like this from these idiots in this house is what makes me want to burn the house down. I've got one 16 year old here that "forgets" to flush the **** down the toilet. If I could jerk that toilet out of the floor I would throw it in the backyard. Although knowing this nasty *** family it would stay there and ignored like it was supposed to be a fixture in the yard. Leave him as soon as you can especially for hitting you with a cane or you'll probably end up in prison for murder or dead yourself.

I have to wait until I can get citizenship.

Yeah, I still haven't heard anything back about my application for permanent residence.

None of my business but why do you stay? Life is too short to be that unhappy everyday<br />
I pray for you