"my Husband Puts Me Down"..................

I have been married for over 20 years happily most part. We have a teenager daughter. My husband is moody, he constantly criticizes me, "But" the worst thing is.....he puts me down in front of others He has done it for years and I'm sick and tired of it.....I have told him how it make me feel and he says he is sorry but then he just does it again. I am from a large family and no one has ever spoke to me that way....................
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...wow, I did this before and I did not realize it...my wife lost it on me one day and left.
We did make up and I promised never again.!!

Wow I thought I was all alone I am so happy things worked out for you..If u may can we become friends...message me thanks..

Next time he does it, start laughing and give it right back... <br />
<br />
"yeah, I might be x, but at least I'm not the kind of coward who has to hurt others to feel important." <br />
<br />
Or a laugh and "yeah, whatever, nothing I haven't heard from you before." <br />
<br />
Or lighthearted response of any type...<br />
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Most people behave that way because it's the only way he can feel in control or a little power. They continue to do it because they've been allowed to, and probably does it in public b/c most people have been socialized to think it's more polite to ignore that type of behavior. <br />
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I bet if you didn't let him get away with it and call attention to his pathetic bullying - even just one or two times would be enough. <br />
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I am sorry. I hope it stops or that he does it in front of someone brave enough to tell him what a looser he is. And I hope the people that have witnessed this aren't your friends or family. <br />
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Warm regards,<br />

Thanks so much I had a good laugh can we be friends if u want message me thanks..

I know the story. ... I am so sorry to read/hear others pain that i know so well! It chips away at ones soul till... we sheild our hearts, close our minds and ... dry-up. I hope you don't.<br />
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I can remember all the hurt and shame I have felt when my ... husband at the time, would laugh out loud at me... call notice to the dumb blonde... to twist everything up till.... i believed him and the things he said..... hmmm... not any more! <br />
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Blessing to you!

Thanks it makes me feel somewhat better knowing I am not alone but it does not change the way I feel..I wish I could just pack up and leave but I don't think I am strong enough..Could you message me so I may chat more about this I could really use a friend?