I Hate My Boyfriend While I Am Pregnant!!!!!!!!!

My boyfriend or fiancé is very well...... Annoying!! We recently went through a very rough patch that we just about scraped through just before and after the birth of our second daughter. I had prenatal and postnatal depression and found out early in my pregnancy that my brother had cancer. All of these put pressure on our relationship and we ended up on many occasions just not being able to stand the sight of each other. We are quite independent people anyway so any sign of trouble and we tend to seperate emotionally just to not have to deal with te hassle and bickering. Anyway we got through it somehow and started to feel "in love again" just before our daughter turned 2. It lasted a few months and it was lovely. II have fallen pregnant again and we are thrilled but all of a sudden there seems to be a huge distance between us again and we are bickering and annoying each other again. He says it's because I am crazy when I pregnant but whatever it is I am not sure I can take another 2 years of what we went through till we get "happy" again. We are so different which at times like these just makes it harder to come together with things. Anyway I really don't know what to do. I know he loves me and he does look after me financially. He is a fantastic father and in my head I know I don't want to lose him but emotionally I just dont feel connected or supported by him at all. I am worried that we aren't gonna be strong enough to get through this next pregnancy???!!!!!! But I want to do much. I am tired and probably a little hormonal and I don't feel like he gives me any space for these ns emotions I am dealing with and when I tell him he just gets really annoyed and we start to play the blame game and I just switch off then cause I don't have the energy (literally). Just wish he would go away while I am pregnant so I can get on with it and not have to deal with the arguments and and come back when I have had the baby and have energy and fewer hormones flying around. Anyway sorry for essay and thanks for reading??!!!
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2011

Ohh I know how you feel, every word he says seems to be sarcastic or just gets on my nerves! I'm finding it hard as this is my 1st child and he has 3 others from a previous relationship but he expects me to bring this one up on my own as he will provide for us financially. I know I can do it as I'm great with children but I thought having a child was a joint responsibility not just one way!

I can't stand the sight smell looks or anything about my husband. He talks or makes any noise I want to flip out. I have two other kids and two step kids and now this one on the way, my sanity has run out. All I want is some time to myself without somebody bugging me just five mins would be great. I also wish he would help out more with the house and kids. Am I the crazy one for just wanting some help and understanding? Hope it all gets better soon.

I can't stand even giving him a hug, let alone a kiss... I don't want to blame it on my child, but I don't like him at all while I'm pregnant.. He is so hurt by it. He says I don't show him the same amount of attention as I did before. And I don't. I just want him to get away from me and leave me be while I carry my baby.