Give Everything. Get Nothing.

My husband is a selfish bastard. I do everything around the house while he sits on his butt. If I ask him to do one things, he says I am nagging him. He spends money all the time and doesn't tell me. I ask him about it and he calls me a b$#@!. I have gained weight due to stress of having to support him for 18 months. Now he calls me fat daily. Even though I do work out and am trying to lose it. He still enjoys making me cry by calling me fat, ****, hippo, etc. Sad thing is I love him, but does he love me?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2012

sounds like what i am going through with my husband. he never helps me around the house. i have to do it all and it's not fair. right now while i am writing this he is sitting on his butt on the couch with a beer in his hand. like he normally does. after i get through typing this i have to get back up and work around the house while he just sits there and does nothing. he also calls me names all the time. i am also over weight and that is what he likes to focus on the most. so i guess he thinks making fun of me it will help me to get the weight off, it doesn't help. it just stresses me out more. i wish you the best of luck trying to get your man to help you. cause i know i can't get my man to do nothing.