i hate  my husband so much sometimes i just wish he would have somthing bad happen to him somtimes ,maybe then he would stop being such an ******* to me and relize what hes doing to me.i feel like a prisnor  in my own home...i dont drive im 21 and i dont drive ,the only time i even go out of the house is with him ,alot of nights i get left here all alone with our son,and dont even have a way to get out while hes getting drunk with his friends...i hate him so much i dont know what to do..and when we are together hes such a defensive jerk ******* all of the time,he gets mad for everything,hes a grumpy old man,and hes only 28!and hes boring...the only time he wants to go out is to drink beer with his friends..whos knows if somthing else is going on...oh..sorry..SOMETIMES we go to the exciting!i hate my life with him and i feel like im really stuck in this situation,and hes really taking advantage of that...i hate him!!!!!!!!!god help me!!!!

sadgirl86 sadgirl86
Apr 22, 2008