I Just Dont Know

I am so sad, loney and cofused. I can't believe that I'm 50, married but yet feel so confused. When i was younger i looked forward to growing old. I figured I would have all my **** together, be sitting on a porch with children and grandchildren around. I have no children, I hate my husband and want a divorce.......but i am so scared.......i have been a housewife for 25 years. How do i start over at this age? With no one. No children, no parents , no siblings, no career. I suppose it doesnt really matter because I have been alone for the last 25 years.

It makes me very sad to finally accept myself at this age. I feel like I have wasted my life.
Lumitoon Lumitoon
2 Responses May 4, 2012

It's never too late to start over! You deserve to be happy. Don't ever think you're too old to start something new. Good luck to you!

Wow, so sorry you are feeling blue. Why do you hate your husband?