Husband Lives Secret Life

I am so happy I found a sight like this. I wanted to be married for such a long time for a companion and lover. I was so happy to have a job, education, and daughter. Then we got married in a lavish wedding. That's when things got strange. The phone became an issue and I was never good enough at anything. So I checked his phone and of course he erased things....but I'm sneaker than you. Of course I bugged it and found he is watching gay piorn, exchanging gay jokes with other men, and telling other men he going through a seperation with me.

I haven't seen him cheat.....yet, but it sicken me to the core. Can you say hate. I hate him for lying to me and embrassing me. I hate him for ruining and putting this burden on my daughter....he is VERY selfish.

Here the kicker....he in the yeah woman...he secretly trying to watch your man and touch him and posing as a straight man. Gay a$$. I'm so sick of him.....don't even want to share my dreaded wish for him, but I'm sure you can guess....

Now, I am bound to this relationship with a gay in the closet ***....n have to destroy my daughter and my life to live with honesty and integrity...
Cupfulloflife Cupfulloflife
May 4, 2012