I Hate My Husband

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, and since day one we have fought. I always had feelings like this relationship wasn't the one for me, but I am still in it. We just recently had a beautiful baby girl and now more than ever he is ignoring me and disrespecting me. He called me a c**t 3 times in one hour today.

We used to argue and then make up with eachother minutes later, now it is days. Now he says he is "done with me" and I find myself googling relationship problem posts to see if I am truly not alone.

TOO GOOD TO LEAVE, TOO BAD TO STAY is what I think. I am caught in a circle. I don't want to leave because of my baby, but being in this relationship makes me feel like im a zombie just wasting away every day.

The name calling, the yelling, not helping around the house, not working, not helping with bills, arguing with my sister... " I hope he will change" I keep saying to myself.

okanaganmama okanaganmama
1 Response May 5, 2012

It takes forever I have been with my husband since I was 14 finally got married 5 months <br />
ago thinking things would change nope Ive wasted my life my dreams my energy my happiness mind you the whole time since i was young he cheated on me but i could never do it when i finally cheated he goes bizerk and says i messed him up what about me how many times ive been hurt He wont leave no matter if i cheated back then he talks **** to me I ask him if hes so miserable with me why did he marry me IM MISERABLE MAYBE I MIGHT KILL MYSELF JUST TO GET OUT OF IT help yourself before you lose your mind and become damaged ya im only 27 but feel old