I Hate My Huband With A Passion!!

My husband is a sneaky, lying, double standard, untrustworthy donkey! He lieons constantly to everyone and expects to pull the same stupid tricks on me. It is so frustrating that this man I married does not know how to tell the truth. He loves to point out what Im doing wrong AND even better he likes to set up all these ridiculous rules based on something that he doesn't like BUT cant even follow them. Even better, gets upset when they arent followed BUT he's allowed to break these same rules whenever he's upset BECAUSE HE CAN! Isnt that something? Drives me insance, literally!!! And it gets better, because he's the only person in this relationship who can get upset because once the other person does, he manages to turn the tables on him and then of course its now ALL ABOUT HIM! I am so unbelievably frustrated and I hate being this way but even worst when you are feeling like the only one in this.
amys1326 amys1326
May 6, 2012