He Spit On Me

He spit on me and went to jail. I feel bad, but he didn't give a **** about me
When he spit on me. I never knew u could go to jail for this.. after everrything
I've ever done for him, he spits on me like I'm dirt. I'm sad.. I'm his wife
Damitt not a doormat..
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

I hope you find happiness! I can relate I am in a previously abusive relationship with the father of my kids. He has given me a concussion so bad that I couldn't think for a week because I felt too weird and he broke my arm as well before. He hasnt been physical in awhile but tonight he spit in my hair just because I asked him what is going to happen to our kids when we aren't together anymore. He has thrown milk in our daughters face and told her she was stupid. Now he just does nothing he doesn't like or play with either of our children ever. He doesn't want to be with me, and I don't want to be with him. I gave him way too many chances to change.... I have no help from friends or family for childcare or money and I don't make enough to take care of the kids myself. Him and I barely make enough together. Hes so lazy and always loosing/changing jobs that I don't think I will ever see a dime from him. Hes a dead beat parent and formerly physically abusive husband/currently mentally abusive husband.

I use to think that I always needed a man around to help me too. So I put up with a lot. I never needed a mans help. That was just an excuse. I had to stop making excuses. And do what was best for me and my daughter, and you should do the same. You have all the family and friends you need just you and your children. Come up with a plan of what it would take for you to take care of your children on your own step by step. Starting with the most important one, and follow through. You can achieve these things while your with him still to help you get closer to where you need to be. And keep moving forward till you no longer need him around. Use his terrible ways as motivation to do what you need to be independent

Sept 5 2014
MY Husband Spit on me when I was 7 Months Pregnant with his baby...
We were married for just a year. He said he spit on me because he was drunk/Jealous because he was not my 1st boyfriend. Yet he knew that before we married.
As he grilled me to list everyone as he was 5 years older when I was 16 then then spit in my face as I was lying in bed instead of making love to me he later beat me up and broke my cheek...
I lost some vision in my eyes as he punched them out...
He apologized the next day and said he would quit drinking but when the weekend came he was back drinking and belligerent again saying he would rather drink than be married...
I was shocked ashamed & afraid of being a welfare mom so I stayed in the Marriage.
This subject came up when I was telling him a cute story about a Video I saw on FB & Shared about a Nice Man who was taking his Toddler Daughter On a Date...He became critical & defensive.
I said that "It sets the president" for a young girls relationships as he was one to beat me up after a drunk & abuse & abandon us after stealing all out Joint savings & taking My Mothers $$ and telling me to live off of hers. So then he asked what if the Wife is abusive & I said I didn't know but figured the Girl would maybe seek the love and or acceptance of another woman and be more promiscuous... He ask me what happens if a wife is abusive & called me a "jerk" & an "ugly scum bag" as he was on another drunk as he tried to get into o bed with his filthy black soled feet then said to sleep alone as he took off saying to find someone else as he didn't want second hand goods... I was shocked but figure someday GO will avenge me...

I am sorry your husband treated you so badly - just wanted you to know there was someone out here who sympathises with you...I hope you find happiness, love and hugs xxx