I recently found out my husband is cheating with a 70 year old woman, I'm 50. She is old enough to be his mother. Our marriage is over because he choose her over me, we have been married 34 years. I am devastated!!! This is just crazziness, and she looks every bit of 70??? :/
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Lol now hes missing me, and I'm talking to another man. Bless his heart (NOT)

I agree this woman is a sugar-momma............she will get tired of him or die..<br />
then he will be left trying to find his *** with both hands..I bet he fails..<br />
<br />
I agree with the Karma deal that GWTBT had said................<br />
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i bet she has money.....

OMG! I thought I'd heard everything until I read your story. Unbelieveable. It's left me speechless and I'm pretty verbose. My 25 year old daughter swears she will never get married. Who am I to lie to her about the "American dream" (which was always a fairy tale) and the other big lie about the fairy tale regarding Prince Charming and living happily ever after? I love her way too much to mislead her. I hope you are in a position to leave the S.O.B.

Screw him there are lots of good men still out there. Besides charma is a ***** he will get what he deserves and his 70 yr old woman.