I Think I Blew Up The Lawnmower...

We have several acres of land. My husband, the Worthless Loser Idiot Husband, refuses to mow. It's been a year now. But he doesn't have a job; he just sits at home on the couch all day, while I have a 60-mile commute that requires me to leave at 6:30 in the morning and not get home until 6:30-7:00 at night. I need the grass mowed because the overgrowth is ruining my professional clothes on the morning when I leave for work. Since he has the lawn mower locked up in an overseas container that even he has difficulty opening, I have to beg and beg- and then fight and fight- with him to get it to open. So, this week, he finally gave in and opened the stupid thing so I could mow our 4 acres with a small push mower myself.
...And he screamed at me every time I had a problem. Not just screamed. Belittled, cussed, yelled, insulted.
When I finally got the lawn mowed, I could barely move- I have a shoulder injury that made pushing that thing difficult. When I was finished, I told him I would have to hire someone from now on- to which he let loose another barrage of obscenities and insults, and, at first refused to allow me to hire someone because "we can do it ourselves..."

Then he thought about it and said, "It's your money." YOU THINK???? It always is, I am the only one with a JOB!

When I went outside to put the lawnmower up, it was still smoking and smelled like it was burning...
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Divorce that man! You are together and he is a loser! what are you waiting for?<br />
I think its horrible the passive aggresive way he behaves towards you. Hopefully<br />
you can move on and find someone who really deserves a hard worker like you.

yep my guy is first class example of p/a

omg... ur husband sounds like mine he has been unemployed for 3 years and 4 months... and does nothing but sit in his lounge chair all day watch tv and troll on computer... <br />
<br />
i cant get my spouse to do anything around the house, took me 2 months to talk him into looking at the lawn mower, to fix it , <br />
<br />
he goes no where, but to run to the store for smokes... i call him no where man behinde his back....<br />
<br />
amazing how they act so indegent when u ask them to do something around the house. i dont get it !