Sometimes I Just Want To Choke Him.

I can believe that a man I once loved so much, I have now grown to hate. He can not keep a job, is not attentive to my needs, and sits around most of the day watching the sports channel. He irritates the HELL out of me. There are days I wish he would just disappear.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I am truly amazed how many women share the same feelings towards their husbands as I do.<br />
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My husband and I communicate very little. I hate it. He is trash, pure trash! I'm sorry you too our miserable. I pray for an outlet for us both.

Although I am quite a bit younger than you are: Could it be that your husband is trying to deal with some issues he can't share with you? It looks to me like he has grown apathic to his and your life. Depression, maybe?