Am Been Betrayed

found out my best friend is sleeping with my girl friend....If its any of u,wah will u do to ur friend or ur girl friend???
djfill djfill
22-25, M
3 Responses May 15, 2012

alright dearie....i really do appreciate everyfin,and sure and pray God will give me someone gud and matured more dan me....really need someone good to watch ova me naw........cox am really av a venic dai ahead..

Tnx so much....really do appreciate ur concern 2wards me.u are a friend in make sure u fine en promise am done wift her...

Been there before. It's a messed up situation but you deserve someone who will give you all they are. You are young still, it's best to find someone mature than someone ur own age. Have a better day today!

I am sorry this happened to you. He isn't a friend. Bros before hoes remember! Besides that, get rid of her. Do you really want his leftovers dude? **** them both and enjoy life. Be careful for rebound sex, it's good but ur emotions are raw right now.