I Never Should Have Married Him

I was engaged and madly in love with someone else. Three days before our wedding we called it off due to some family issues. My visa expired and I had to leave him. We had a mis-communication over the phone and broke up (he thought I ended things, I thought he did). I went back home and I met someone else. After a short time knowing each other, we became engaged and married (I'm talking 6 months in total). I had just wanted to move on, and try and get rid of the pain. I never loved him, I was just trying to force myself to move on. I regret it so much. The man I married is horrible. Fathered a child with someone else, physically and mentally abusive, and unstable. Divorcing him would cost me everything, including my job. I hate him so much. I should have just waited...I should have been with the man I loved and still love to this day.
trapped0311 trapped0311
2 Responses May 15, 2012

I can't help u much except to say that I'm miserably married too. My husband is controlling. He has no goals except tp leech off me.

awh i truly wish you the best. maybe starting new would be best; for your sanity, happiness, and health. you may lose some things, but it's seems like it can be replaced (job). you have a choice, you can make it at any time. this is your life, and the years will go by and it will only get harder. you know you want to take the risk, and it's okay to fear the consequences. but you only live once, and you probably be so much happier .