Husband Is Having Sex With His Biological Daugther

i hate this man. Never in my life did I meet such a sociopath. His daughter who was given up for adoption at birth, tracked  him down and contacted him last summer. She is 32 years old. So after 32 years, they meet. HE FALLS IN LOVE. WTF! We have been married for 15 years, active sex life, in love (?). She comes along and he falls in love. He says she is his mirror image. He publicly humiliates me by flirting with her. He is a sick bastard and I wish he would let go of me. How do I move on? It's not like he died. I was/am (I don't know) in love with him. He is my husband, but I cannot go back to the type of relationship he wants. He wants me there to be the "wife". No sex, no affection, just wifey things like work and everything else. His true love is his biological daughter. Sick *******. I am crying, then I'm raging made, then I'm depressed. How am I supposed to get my shyt done when he's done this to me? I wish he died when he got sick five  years ago. At least I could have mourned the man I loved instead I'm stuck in this nightmare and cannot wake up.
spottiedottie spottiedottie
41-45, F
May 17, 2012