My Worst Enemy Ever

I met him when I was 13 he is 11 years older than me I stood up against my family I did not speak with them for years I lost my sisters and other family members becoz for him I thought he is the man of my dream the one I will live my fairy tale story with I gave up many things for him and I helped him in many ways and things indeed love is blind I trusted him and gave him my heart but after our marriageexactly in our honeymoon I started to see his real ugly face and when we got back things started to be weirder I lied to myself as usual and blamed the work pressure hahaha silly me 'which is not' I found international numbers and sms to girls I said again maybe it is work as the nature of his job may require such interactions but later his night out till next morning smells like a cheap casino and disco reciepts worh 900 dollar and the funny thing is he complaint for not having money and as a muslim what he did is against our religon he is an ******* as he kept bottles of alcohol under his car seat along with the reciepts and what hurts me that he used my. Car to hook up girls and even during my pregnancy he spent 1800 dollar in less than a month and he was taking money from me and after my delivery I found a a sex videos in my laptop with the internet service I pay for he let me take care of his father for a week and once his father left he got back to his **** I recorded him audio only talking to a girl and watching sex movie and when ever I face him he shouts at me and go out I hated him for these and many more I wish I can leave him I wish he get killed brutly I hate him more than anyyhing he is the worst thing in my life may God take his soul to hell and burn there for eternity
glamore86 glamore86
May 18, 2012