Just Can't Keep It Bottled Up Any More.

I was in a relationship with a Army soldier for 16 years before he decided to start an online affair then asked for a divorce. I was ok with it but did not like how he went about it. Anyway a friend set me up on a blind date. Was immediately sexually attractd to him but we became friends and I truly feel in love with him for all of te right reasons. After the ex husband drama I really was not intersted in getting married again. Surprisingly enough I did. I thought my whole world was going to be just what I dreamt of for years. Instead I feel like the man in this relationship because everything has changed.

He only works part time. Ok he works 4 hours a day. Before full time 8-10 hours a day. He is not supportive, productive, and is not a provider. As I sit hear and start to cry think of all this I am ashamed that I am telling anyone. He has taken me off his medical insurance and I have high blood pressure which requires me to take medication (that I have now run out of). I have asked and asked for him to put me on so I can go to the doctor. Nothing it has been 2 months now. He won't because it is to costly and require him to work. He will not buy groceries with his pay check and feels as though if he gives me a small portion of the rent I should be happy. So we are out of food and he asked me what I was making for dinner. Really!!!! Mind you he has eaten while out on his hard day at work. I have not eaten since yesterday in order to save food for my son. I know if my ex knew this he would take my baby from me. Trust me he (my son) doesn't want for much because I will see to it he has what he needs.

I know that I love my husband but having to live like this is frustrating and makes me feel so unloved. I feel as though if he loved me he would see to it that I am taken care of financially, emotionally, physically, and most important my health. Am I wrong for being angry? I know the smart person would call it abuse. Is their someone for me? The questions are driving me crazy but most of all the lonliness I feel is breaking my heart.
jdneedshelp jdneedshelp
May 18, 2012